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Obdi rsyncbackup is a free and open source backup solution for Centos servers. It uses the Unix command, rsync, to do the actual backup and requires the open source and free Obdi to work since it is an Obdi plugin.

The Obdi server can be set up on Centos 6 or Centos 7, and the backups can be saved on that server or a different one - in the latter case an obdi worker is required on the backup server.

When the backup server is set up with the zfs filesystem, highly performant file deduplication and compression can be achieved, potentially saving a huge amount of disk space.

Furthermore, backups can be used to create Amazon AWS volumes, snapshots, AMI's or instances, but only Centos 6 is supported for AWS integration. It should not be too much work to support Centos 7 however.

When to Use? BACK TO TOP

If you have 2 servers, 20 servers or 100 servers, and they are all running Centos 6, then this might be a decent backup solution for you.

The main features: